Proven face mask which cleans spots , marks from face like magic


Today, I am going to share a magical face pack with you all, which works on sun spots, marks, blemishes like magic and also gives faster results. It also brings instant glow on face, after repeated use it clears up the face, brightens it. So, guys try this magical face mask for fair and clean skin.

For this face pack we need :
1. Chandan powder or sandalwood powder- 1spoon
2. Vitamin E capsule- 1
3. Rose water

Mix chandan powder, vitamin E capsule and rose water together, make a paste of medium consistency. Now, apply it all over your face and put it on for atleast 30 minutes. Then, wash off your face with normal water. Use this face pack thrice a week. You will get excellent results. Rose water, chandan powder also gives cooling effect to skin, making it look fresh. Vitamin E capsule give additional glow to skin. So, guysgive this face maska try, I am sure you will get good results.

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