From fat to fit- Some tried tips to lose weight


Are you struggling to lose weight, do try some exercises someday and eat anything and everything without keeping your calorie record for yourself and then regret eating. Are you too tired of spending money in buying new clothes again and again cause you dont get fit in that jeans of yours. Are you also stressed after hearing lot of comments like he/she is fat, look at her/his bulging tummy, why don’t you exercise. Well, i also suffered from all those problems of being fat but, gradually i started following some tips which are actually working for me and i loosed a lot of weight due to it. So, i thought to share some tips with you all there, so that these tips can be useful to others as well.

  1. Firstly, start with drinking lot of water, include some good juice for body in your daily diet like, carrot juice, orange juice, one kind of juice a day.
  2. Include detox water in your daily routine. Here a quick detox water recipe. In 1 litre of water add 3 cucumbers, fresh mint leaves, 4 lemons and refrigerate for few years hours your detox water is ready. Consume this detox water at least twice a day.
  3. Most importantly start your with a glass or two of luke warm water.
  4. Then, as we all know very well some physical activity is required to get results fast. So, do some yoga, pilates, aerobics, zumba, jogging, gyming, cardio, dancing whatever you like. Just keep yourself active throughout the day. Try different kind of physical exercise daily so that you don’t get bored with exercise easily. Do something exciting that keeps you going. Like if you like dancing then sway yourself to any dance number. Do some household chores. I did some extra cleaning of my house so as to remain fit doing two thing at a time that is attaining fitness and cleaning the house as i am cleanliness freak. You can try yoga starting with some breathing exercises so that your body gets relaxed you are stress free. You can try hoopla, skipping, swimming, cycling, there are so many options you know. Wherever you can walk then just try and walk, skip taking your vehicle for a short distance and walk. Instead of using lifts, climb up the stairs  play with your kids, if you have one.
  5. Then, the next rule is eat your breakfast healthier and bigger like a king, then your lunch little smaller and dinner should be smallest. Try not eating anything after 8 pm, so that by the time you sleep your food is already digested and while you go to sleep your body gets full rest and your digestive system does not need to work extra at night while you sleep and then again start working in morning when you wake up, i think you got it, it also needs rest for proper functioning.
  6. I also cut down on my roties, instead of four i had only two, and i added some healthy foods in between taking small meals after every 1-2 hour. Like juice, dry fruits, small healthy snacks, giving proper balanced diet to my body.
  7. Early to bed and early to rise is also important guys for being physically active and feeling energetic. And take at least 8 hours of sleep. As rest is also equally important as exercising.
  8. Try drinking aloe vera juice at night for cleansing the body. Try avoiding potatoes, rice, sugar,  maida, cheese as much as you can. Little bit is ok though,  choose healthier options.
  9. Choose green tea over normal tea with milk as it contains a lot of antioxidants which helps keep us younger.
  10. Some of best exercises which works for me are:  yoga asanas- surya namaskar, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, dolphin plank pose, burpies, squats, sit ups, various abnominal exercises like boat pose etc.
  11. Keep yourself motivated that you want to look good, feel fit become a healthier person. Hang a dress in which you fit now and you want to get fit in that as a motivation to keep you going towards your goal to fit in that dress. Make smaller fitness goals for you to achieve and reward yourself by eating your favorite food on achieving a goal.

You can even try some fitness and training apps to keep record of your calorie intake and for exercise training if you are not willing to go to gym. It will act as your personal trainer. So guys just keep yourself motivated to get that awesome figure or looks and keep going and working towards it, you will surely be able to achieve your goal, be fit, be healthy.

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