Feng Shui tips to attract more love in your home


Sometimes we spend a fortune to turn a house into a home. We beautify our home with some fairy lights or decorate it with some cozy pillows for comfort and beauty. Yet, we feel like our abode doesn’t have enough love. Here are some feng shui tips to attract more love into your life.

  1. When your house is filled with unwanted stuff that you don’t like it makes you feel unsettled  cleaning up the clutter removes the negative energy and keeps you calm.
  2. It’s a good idea to get a bedside tables because nightstands represents space for others and help to cultivate positive energy in the room, if you already have these try placing a gorgeous lamp or aromatic candles to enhance the feeling of intimacy.
  3. Your bedroom is a place where you unwind after a long tiring day and nothing can be more rejuvenating than breathing in a fresh air there, make sure you open the windows atleast once a week to improve ventilation in the room.
  4. Look under your bed, we usually store the things that we need regularly under the bed. According to feng shui, air should circulate around you as much as possible  When you are asleep you allow maximum rejuvenation, clearing the clutter under the bed will help air circulation.
  5. Try not to use too many bright colored wall paints as such shades can be overstimulating and can lead to anxiety. Stick to neutrals and your favorite soothing ones to create positive environment in your house.
  6. Your bedroom absorbs the energy that you bring with yourself, thus, never hit the bed when you are angry, try taking a bath holding conversations practicing gratitude to stay in peaceful state of mind.

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