All about Vipreet raja yoga


According to the definition of Vipreet Raj yog prevalent in Vedic astrology, it is said that if in a horoscope, Lord of 6th house, Lord of 8th house or lord of 12th is placed in any one of the other two houses of the horoscope, Vipreet Raj Yog is formed in such horoscope, which can give results similar to or equivalent to Raj Yog formed in a horoscope and which can bless the native with good health, disease free life, victory over enemies, long age, financial gains, sudden and huge profits, power, authority and many other good things. Vipreet Raj Yog is divided into three types of yogas which are mentioned below :

HARSHA YOGA: When the lord of 6th house is placed in 8th or 12th house then Harsha Yoga is formed.

The person born in Harsha Yoga will be endowed with happiness, enjoyment, good fortune, and a strong constitution will overcome to his enemies and will be afraid to commit sinful acts he will become a friend of illustrious and prominent people. He will have wealth, splendor, friends fame and son.

SARALA YOGA: When 8th house lord is placed in either 6th or 12th house Sarala yoga is formed.

The person born in Sarala Yoga will be long-lived resolute, fearless, prosperous, and will be endowed with learning, children, and riches. He will achieve success in his undertakings, overcome his foes, be pure and widely celebrated.

VIMALA YOGA: When the lord of 12th house is placed in 6th lord or 8th house Vimala Yoga is formed.

The person born in Vimala Yoga will spend little and save much money. He will be good to everybody. He will be happy and independent and will have a respectable profession or conduct and be renowned for his good qualities.
Similar kind of good results is given by other celebrated sages also.

Some important points to notice:

1.Harsha yoga makes one more prone to injuries when formed by 6th lord placement in 8th house.

6th house is a house of diseases and 8th house is a malefic house which represents death also.

Now since it is Vipreet Rajyoga there have to be some negative results which in this case is bad health.

2.Harsha yoga makes one win court cases especially when 6th house lord is placed in 8th house because 6th house is a house of allegations and when placed in the 8th house it tends to destroy the negative significations of the 6th house.

Both these results can be seen in the horoscope of Salman Khan.

He is suffering from nerve pain in the face which is considered as worse pain that can happen to human and same time he was never found guilty in any of criminal case against him.

3.Harsha yoga, when formed by placement of 6th house lord in 12th house, doesn’t give health issues but gives very strong enemies which give stiff competition and being the best out of your or you get rewarded of his mistakes.

Like in the case of politicians most of the time one enjoys the unexpected benefits of his competitor.

4.Sarala yoga, when formed by placement of 8th lord in 6th house, gives very fame by defeating enemies but same time makes one gives wounds or injury by them.

Check horoscope of Che Guevara where the 8th lord of death & destruction is sitting in the 6th house of enemies.

5.Sarala yoga is found in the horoscope of rebels and powerful kings or in other words Sarala yoga native found to have power in society.



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